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The Early Years


The Apostolic Temple located in Gary, WV (site of U.S. Steel Corporation's primary coal producing operation in the United States) resigned its affiliation with the Emmanuel Tabernacle church organization in 1930. Emmanuel Tabernacle was under the leadership of Bishop M.R. Gregory.


Following two years of study, which included deliberations with landowner (U.S. Steel), Apostolic Temple affiliated itself with the Indianapolis-based Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. in 1932. P.A.W. Presiding Bishop Samuel J. Grimes of NYC, who was actively rebuilding the P.A.W. in the eastern U.S. following a failed merger with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Jesus Christ, became pastor of Apostolic Temple. With just two P.A.W. churches in West Virginia (Gary and Huntington), Gary was established as district office headquarters.


Bishop Samuel J. Grimes

Bishop Grimes organized the initial meeting of West Virginia churches in 1933, with an eye toward expansion. Several additional churches were then established in communities throughout West Virginia. Meanwhile, Evangelist Shelton Redd (who had been saved at Apostolic Temple in Gary) moved with her family to Johnson City, TN in 1928 and established Grace Temple. When this church joined the others, it began the P.A.W.'s first expansion into eastern Tennessee. This new and growing group of churches became recognized by the international P.A.W. as District 23 - The West Virginia & East Tennessee Council. Elder A.H. Callahan of Gary became the first District Elder.


Pastor V. Shelton Redd

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