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2023 ICEA Region One Convention
Jacksonville, Florida

Technology Strand Resources


Presented by:  The West Virginia and East Tennessee Council

Sister Dedra B. Preston 


Your Technology Plan

A well thought out plan is key for a successful implementation of technology in your ministry.  Careful planning up front will lead you in the right direction.  Below are a few resources to jumpstart your planning process.  In addition, there are a few templates to use.

Hardware Resources

The greatest advice in this area is to purchase with purpose.  Beware not to under purchase and do not over purchase equipment.  Think about your needs and allow for future growth within a reasonable life cycle.

* Refurbished does not mean rubbish - many reputable retailers sell quality refurbished merchandise

Software Resources

There are two options for software:  purchased from reputable vendors or high quality open source options  .

 Office (Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Presentation, and Database)
Non-Profit Options

Most of the for pay options can be found on this site at discounted prices.

Payment Applications

Training Resources

Local Resources
  • Inquire at your local library

  • Inquire about technology courses offered by your employer.

  • Non-credit courses and worksops at your local college or university.

  • Low cost credit courses at your local community college

On-Line Resources
  • LinkedIn Learning 

Social Media Resources

Website Builders
Social Apps
Streaming Services
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