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2023  Fall Convention

In-Person Sessions
 will be held at:

Central Baptist Church
301 Carver Street, Kingsport(TN)
Bible Classes and Evening Worship available via Facebook
Thursday 10/12

"Affecting the Healing of the Land"

  8:30am  Prayer –

  9:00a Women's Auxiliary 

             Evangelist Sheila Stanley

             House of Refuge                                 Cedar Bluff (VA)

10:00a Bible Study

             Bishop Samuel R. Moore - Diocesan

             Full Gospel Assembly                         Huntington (WV)

11:00a District 23 Business Meeting

             Suffragan Bishop Kelvin Cash  - Chairman

             Bethel Apostolic Temple                    Knoxville (TN)



   2:00p  Women's Auxiliary  

               Kimesia Mobley

               Bethel Apostolic Temple                  Knoxville (TN)



    7:30p Worship Service

               Elder Carla King

               Full Gospel Assembly                       Huntington (WV)

Friday 10/13

  8:30a Prayer 

  9:00a  Christian Education Association

              "Reach One, Teach One (Part 1)"

              Bishop R. Nolan Wolfe

              Antioch Greater Love Ministries                  Marion (VA)


  9:00a  Ministers Wives Ministers Widows  (Members Only)

              Lady Christina Brown

              Grace & Mercy Apostolic Temple      Johnson City (TN)


 10:00a Bible Study

              Bishop Samuel R. Moore - Diocesan

              Full Gospel Assembly                           Huntington (WV)

 11:00p District 23 Business Meeting

              Suffragan Bishop Kelvin Cash - Chairman

              Bethel Apostolic Temple                           Knoxville (TN)


 12:00N Bishop's Appreciation Lunch


   2:00p Christian Education Association

              "Reach One, Teach One (Part 2)"

              Bishop R. Nolan Wolfe

              Antioch Greater Love Ministries                  Marion (VA)


   3:00p Wellness Ministry Presentation

              Evangelist Paulette Foster

              Thankful Baptist Church                     Johnson City (TN)

   4:00p DINNER 


    6:30p Men's Ministry Meeting

              Minister Tim Moore

              Greater Mt. Zion Pentecostal Church     Bluefield (WV)


   7:30p Worship Service

              Elder Reginald K. Williams

              Heavenly Vision Apostolic Church           Syracuse (NY)

10:00P Youth After-Hours Musical

  • Tameka Hairston

  • Michael Jackson

  • Tobias Tisdale

Saturday 10/14

  8:30a Prayer - 


  9:00a YPU Sermonettes

  • Minister Christen Gray

                      ​Grace Temple Church                          Johnson City (TN)

  • Minister James Turner III  

                      Grace Temple Church                          Johnson City (TN)

  9:00a Ministers Alliance (Members Only)

             "The Foolishness of Preaching"

             Suffragan Bishop Kelvin Cash

             Bethel Apostolic Temple                                       Beckley (WV)

10:00a Bible Study

             Bishop Samuel R. Moore - Diocesan

             Full Gospel Assembly                                       Huntington (WV)

11:00a BREAK

11:30a YPU Discussion

             "Let's Talk"

             Kala Preston

             Grace Temple Church                                    Johnson City (TN)


 12:30p Closing Worship Service

              Elder Lucious Oliver

              Greater Kings Chapel                                         Abingdon(VA)

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