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General Body

Chairman:                  Kelvin Cash – Bethel Apostolic Church

Vice Chairman:          Timothy Schofield – United Apostolic Church     

Secretary:                   Anna Collie – Grace Temple Church

Asst. Secretary:         Deborah Moore – Christ Temple Church

Treasurer:                  Roderick Preston – Bethel Apostolic Church       

Asst. Treasurer:         Franklin Borders – Christ Temple Church      

Men’s Ministry                   *No Nominees!


Vice President:                

Secretary / Treasurer:   

Women’s Auxiliary

President:                        Hope Turner – Greater King’s Chapel

Vice President:               Cathy Martin – Grace Temple Church

Secretary:                        Beatrice Spradley – Full Gospel Assembly

Asst. Secretary:              Vacant

Treasurer:                       Deborah Moore – Christ Temple Church

Asst. Treasurer:             Vacant

Christian Education Association

President:                           Nikki Henderson – Grace Temple Church

Vice President:                   Dedra Preston – Grace Temple Church

Secretary:                           Charles Locke III – Grace Temple Church

Asst. Secretary:                 Vacant

Treasurer:                           Angela Driver – Grace Temple Church

Asst. Treasurer:                 Vacant

Youth Auxiliary

President:                               Nikkia Lynch – United Apostolic Church

Vice President:                       Kayla Preston – Bethel Apostolic Church

Secretary:                                Vacant

Asst. Secretary:                       Vacant

Treasurer:                                Vacant


Usher’s Ministry

President:                   Charles Locke – Grace Temple Church

Vice President:          Beatrice Spradley – Full Gospel Assembly

Secretary:                   Nikki Henderson – Grace Temple Church

Treasurer:                  Eric Fisher – Grace Temple Church



Minister’s Wives and Minister's Widows

President:                   Christina Brown – Grace and Mercy

Vice President:          Renna Moore – Full Gospel Assembly

Secretary:                   Dedra Preston – Grace Temple Church

Treasurer:                  Carla King – Full Gospel Assembly

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